Sunday, May 8, 2011


My mind is preoccupied with you
I wonder where you might be
Off to fight in this endless war
Thousands of miles away
Scenarios race through my brain
Of death and pain
Do you ever feel unsure
Of what we’re really fighting for?

I saw you on Sunday
You’re back home 
I wonder for how long this time
You look…blank
A face devoid of anything
What happened to you?

It’s a new year
January 1st
My resolution is about to break
You’re gone again
I have a feeling this time
You won’t be coming back

It’s another Sunday
When I hear the news
Your family is absent
Empty spots in the church pew
Roadside bomb
Six dead
And I know one of them
Was you

Gunfire, salutes and a flag
A brown coffin and black mourners
Color my Thursday
I feel intrusive
Stuck in one place
Unable to move
A slab of grey
Is all that’s left of you

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