Friday, August 9, 2013


I can tell
That people think
You are dangerous
They avoid your eyes
And move aside
Parting like the sea

The scars that line your face
And twist along your arms
Ending at clenched fists
Tell a half story
And I wonder if anyone knows
What really happened to you
From the beginning 
To the very end

I've heard the rumors
The terrible things
They said were done to you
Always spoken in hushed tones
Behind open hands 
Hands that tried to hide
The ugliness
Of the words spilling out

When you look over at me
I can see the fury in your eyes
And I want to tell you
That I am angry too
None of this
Should have happened 
To you

But I am unsteady
Pushed along by those 
That are behind
So I stumble past you
Thrown back into the chaos
Of the crowded hall
Into a sea of people
That press between us 
And swallow me whole